Different Dimension - I'm sorry but I Cantaloupe.

Me again ;)

Who else were you expecting?... bahaha anyway, today i'll be showing you a polish that i've been lusting over for ages... and i finally caved in and purchased it last week! I often find myself in the position on Rainbow Connections website where I only need to spend a few more pounds to get free postage.. so i always tend to look through the sale section to fill the gap! This polish had been on sale for quite a while if i remember right, but something always stopped me from buying it! (I think it was the 'would it suit me? thought!) but i loved it so much i'm glad i finally gave into myself and got it.

I wasn't sure from the swatches i'd seen whether this was a white based crelly or a orangey/peachy based crelly..but i can now confirm it is white/beige, its just the colour of the glitters that gives the illusion its an orangey/peachy base. And i'm not even going to start to list the glitters that are in this polish.. 


Thin layers are a definite must for this polish. It is quite a thick polish so the thinner you can get the layers the better really. I stood my bottle upside down ten minutes prior to painting my nails. I'm not really sure if this helped or not as the polish is fast flowing in the bottle but i didn't have to do any fishing; even for the bigger bits of glitter. I just thought I would stand it upside down as a precautionary measure! I applied three thin coats and i was super happy with all the different glitters i could see on my nails, there wasn't too many of one and not enough of another. 

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

This polish dries matte and super fast which is good when i had to do three coats! I do like it when polishes dry matte because you can tell when they're dry. When each coat dries you can see the glitter is raised up a little, so to get the crelly affect to really stand out you really need to use top coat! I applied top coat roughly two minutes after the last coat of polish, as always I used HK Girl.

Where to buy/price:

I purchased this off Rainbow Connection but since then its sold out! ...I can't even find the listing on the site so i'm guessing its gone for good!
Eeek, if you find it anywhere though grab it with two hands (virtually)
its the perfect summer polish.

I finished off my mani with black bows on two nails from a wheel i bought from claires for £3-£4, i always use tweezers to place any embellishments for accuracy and well, with my nails like mine it can get fiddly and i don't want to spoil a nice mani! They're pretty cute though huh?
(I then top coated them again..)

I'm really enjoying doing my nails at the moment as I seem to be having a streak where i like everything i do.. for once!

From now on, I want to do a nail art post at least once a week but i don't want blogging to take over my life so a schedule is definitely needed i think!

So it will be as follows:

Monday OR/And Tuesday - Polish review
Wednesday - Nail art post
Friday - Polish review
Saturday OR/And Sunday - Polish review.

Thank you so much for reading my lovelies! 



OPI - My vampire is buff leopard print Nail Art

Evening ladies!! 

So last night I sat and did this leopard print mani! I'd painted my nails nude and felt the need to jazz it up a little but I wanted to keep it simple so I thought leopard print would be the way to go!

I used:
OPI - my vampire is buff
Black acrylic paint
Nail art brushes off eBay (99p-£1.50 for a pack of three!) 
Gold studs

So I started off by painting all my nails with my vampire is buff, I love this nude, it dries fast, gives good coverage however on my nails it does need three coats thanks to the visible nail line...after I did that I top coated them with HK girl topcoat by glisten and glow. (Best top coat ever.)

Within 5 minutes I was able to start painting on my leopard print, I think the key to using thin nail art brushes is to have just the right amount of acrylic paint on them, if you don't have enough you won't get a strong coloured outcome, if you have too much you'll lose control over where you're applying the paint and because this design is rather small it's important to get the balance right. 
My aim was to create c shapes and backward c shapes and also the split up circle kind of shapes (this is really hard to explain..refer to photos to understand what I'm on about!) I've done quite a few leopard print designs before but I don't think they've looked as good as this one, when you start each nail it's hard to not get lazy and end up rushing it not taking the same amount of care as you did at the start, but somehow I managed to keep it up for these!

After I'd finished with the leopard print I gave it a few minutes to dry then top coated it again with the HK girl top coat.
I also top coated my other nails again and added the gold studs using tweezers to get them in the correct place, and then I top coated them again once more.  

Review on My vampire is buff.


I love how easy OPI polishes glide on the nail. The brush definitely helps with applying it, i didn't need to do much clean up at all. I often expect nudes to be thick but the consistency of this polish is perfect, this is definitely a two to three coater. For me it was three but shorter nails that don't hang over the nail bed could definitely get away with two! I think this is my perfect nude!

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

For me OPI polishes always tend to dry really quickly, i went ahead and painted on all three of my coats literally one after the other. I was able to apply top coat after 3-5 minutes after the last coat of polish.

Where to buy/price:

You can purchase My vampire is buff from HERE (for a REALLY good price!)

Anyway thank you for reading!!



Liebster Award

Liebster Award Liebster Award..

So until yesterday i had no idea this existed, i did some googling and found out what it was so bare with!

I would first like to thank Georgina - http://georgesartandnails.blogspot.co.uk/
for nominating me!

So i shall start with 11 facts about myself:

1. I'll be 21 this year, uhhhhhhh! (23.10.93)
2. I'm a quarter German, a quarter Belgian and half english!
3. My two best friends live in different countries and i've currently met one out of two. Hoping to meet number two for number ones wedding next year... i don't know why i'm calling them numbers.

Number one is: Jess (Wales) @Claws4paws
Number two is: Elana (America) @Elanahoneyboo

A few pictures from when Jess and I met:

Jess and I

Polish time! :)


4. I'm an indie maker and i'm trying really hard to make it a full time thing! I started first time round in December 2012, second time round was September 2013!
5. I have a hamster called Essie (haha) and it really annoys me when people don't get her name right :(

also have two dogs, Cocoa and Roxie:

L: Cocoa 2 years
R: Roxie: 6 years

6. I have a thing for My Little Pony and i prefer the G4 ponies over the originals (but i still like the originals, don't get me wrong ;p)
7. I have over 350 polishes..... and its still not enough.
8. I taught myself how to crochet with help from youtube just over a year ago! 
10. Art was the only subject i managed to get an A in for my GCSE's 
11. I change my polish nearly every single day.

My Questions from Georgina:

1. Where in the world is your favourite place to be?

I'm going to be boring and say, in bed. LOL

2. Do you have any bad habits?

Not really, i did used to bite my nails up until about 5 years ago! 

3. Who is your celebrity crush?

Well Leo Dicaprio and Jenson Ackles are a little bit hot. I also fancy fluttershy a bit...

4. What do you do for a living?

Well, currently i'm trying to overcome anxiety and depression so at the moment i'm just putting everything into being an indie maker! 

5. If you had one wish what would it be?

To have lots and lots of money so i could do everything i want to do and go everywhere i want to go! (Australia please.)

6. heels or flats?

Definitely Flats!!!

7. Favourite Beauty brand?

Ooooo this is hard, ummmm for make up i'd say Revlon/Benefit
For polish i'd say China Glaze

8. What is your most treasured memory?

When i was younger my family used to go to Tenerife a lot, so literally every single memory i have from those holidays, making friends, getting a braid in my hair, going out for meals, having my birthday abroad! Things will never be like that again and it makes me sad if i think about it too much. 

9. Do you have any tattoos? if yes where and what of?

Nopey! I'd love some, probably one of an owl, but i don't feel i need it, i'm not sure how i'd deal with getting it done too and i currently don't have the money!

10. What cover do you have on your phone at the moment?

Cover as in phone cover? Mine is black floral!

11. Do you have any phobias?

Nope! But, i used to be really scared of flying even though i've done it a lot, I flew for the first time in 2009 since 2004 and i was absolutely petrified, but thinking about it now its actually really funny. Last year i went to France by plane and really enjoyed it and now i get incredibly jealous of anyone i know whos going to fly...i'm a weird one!

I would like to nominate the following:

And your questions are:

1. If you could only buy one nail polish brand for the rest of your life what would it be?
2. If you had a million pounds what would you spend it on?
3.Stamping or nail art?
4. Cosy night in or a wild night out?
5. Indie or Mainstream?
6. If you wear make up, what do you wear and who's it by?
7. Why did you first start blogging?
8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
9. Do you want/have you got children? If so, tell us about them (Only if you want too!)
10. Whats does your typical everyday outfit consist of?
11. Who would you Snog, Marry, & Avoid out of: Justin Bieber, Leo Dicaprio, Michael Jackson?!

Thanks again Georgina for nominating me!
I've loved doing this :')


Orly - miss conduct NAIL ART


I posted this picture a while back on my Instagram and then realised I hadn't blogged about it and seeing as i'm currently wearing my own polish and it would be a bit odd for me to blog about that i thought i'd write this post today!

This nail art was completely unplanned, and for once, it actually came out looking really good! 

I used:
Orly - Miss Conduct
OPI - Mod about you
OPI - Black Splatter
Black acrylic paint

On the pointer and pinkie:

I painted them with Mod about you and let it dry, I then put an extremely thin cost of Black splatter (you can use this water spotted technic by CutePolish to get the same effect) 
I then took Miss Conduct, wiped the brush off quite a bit and randomly splodged it on both nails. (I'm not sure why the hell i did this LOL)

Middle fingers:
I painted these two with Miss Conduct and let them dry thoroughly, I then took a small long (kind of striping) brush and painted on the stripes using black acrylic paint. 

I then topcoated each nail with HK girl topcoat (doesn't drag or smudge even if the polish/paint isn't completely dry)

I really love how these turned out! I think both designs tie in really well with each other and I'm really amazed that for once I actually really like something I've done!!

What do you think of them? :) 



Barry M Silk Swatches

Hey Ladies!

You may have notice I haven't blogged for a few days... The sims 3 has had my full attention for the past few days.. (I go through phases where i get addicted for days on end then i won't play it for a few months!)

Anyway, back to the point of this post! On.. i think it was Wednesday?! I was lucky enough to receive the Pink Nail Mail Box from my lovely friend Jess!

For those who don't know, the pink nail mail box was set up by two ladies on instagram, its hopefully going to make its way all over the UK going from one lady to another filled with treats and polishes! When you receive the box you post its contents on Instagram and then fill it back up and send it on to the next lady without them knowing so its a surprise when it arrives! (Check out the pinknailmailboxuk hashtag on instagram to follow its travels!)

On the day i got this i was waiting for another parcel, i heard the doorbell ring and my mum went to the door, i shouted down and asked if there was anything for me and she said no and i was all 'UGH THATS SO ANNOYING WHY NOT, I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR DAYS' then she opens my door with the parcel i was waiting for and another mysterious box, as soon as i saw the writing i knew exactly what it was and i was filled with absolute joy!

Pink Nail Mail Box!

I absolutely LOVE everything Jess got me! (Thank you Jessicorn! <3) And i think this is such a brilliant thing to do, i've already started filling it for the next person!! :D

As you can see, one of the polishes Jess got me was a Barry M Silk in Blossom... well.. i swatched that and then i HAD to purchase the rest of them! So i went into town on Friday and picked up the others minus Truffle as i wasn't keen on that colour at all..

L-R: Heather, Pearl, Blosson, Meadow, Mist




Blossom again.

And again..



They are absolutely beautiful aren't they?! I don't even mind that you can see some of the brush strokes..I took extra pictures of Blossom because its my favourite along with Heather...and also, i hadn't planned on buying the rest of them until i realised just how much i loved Blossom.

I think the silk look is quite unique to these, they're definitely work friendly and subtle. I definitely need to do some nail art with them! 


I was really surprised at how easy these were to apply, i was expecting them all to be on the thick side but they weren't at all. They were the perfect consistency, silky smooth and pearly! 

The brush is pretty standard but i found it nice to work with. You do have to be a bit careful with your brush strokes as you can see them, for the first two coats it doesn't really matter how you apply it but for the third (or second depending on how many you do, i only did three because of the horrid visible nail line..) you need to apply it quite neatly so the end results look good! However, these also start drying really quickly so you kind of have to apply it fast and neatly, which I think for some people that could be quite tricky to do.

I didn't do clean up on these as i wanted you to be able to see how neat you can paint them with the 'pretty standard' brush. 

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

You know how i said they start drying fast? They do, but they also take FOREVER to dry to the point where you can touch everything and nothing will harm your manicure. This is the only let down with these polishes, it could take roughly up to 4 hours to be completely dry. I could never sit still for that amount of time without touching anything. The last polish i swatched was Heather, i did it roughly 8 hours ago and i've just managed to leave a fingerprint on one of my nails so that just shows you that these really aren't that good at drying! I'm wondering if these actually dry completely?! I guess i'll find out tomorrow..

So next time i wear them, i'll definitely be adding top coat after 20ish minutes!

Where to buy/price:

You can buy these in Superdrug for £3.99 (or 2 for £6)
You can also get them in Boots for £3.99 (Buy 1 get 2nd half price offer is currently on as of 23rd March 2014)

Yes, thats basically the same deal. I got mine from Boots but i wish i'd got them from Superdrug for the points! I still got my Boots points i just shop in Superdrug more, booooo.

Before i head to bed (Yes, its 4am...) I would like you to meet my new blogging buddy! This is Princess Pearl! :D
From now on she's going to sit in my lap every time i blog :)

I know this is a long post so if you've got this far, thank you for reading the entire thing!!
Let me know what you think of these polishes?! :)

Hope you all have a fab Sunday!



Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil - 3 day initial hydration treatment.

Afternoon ladies!

I first started writing this review on the 13th March just after i'd finished the 3 day hydration treatment...

So last month (Feb) I purchased three of the Pure Nail Oil pens off Amazon, i had them sent to my lovely bestie in America and then she sent them on to me as i've heard some people have been charged by customs and i didn't want that happening to me!!

Anyway, it arrived at Elanas within 4 days and it was on its way to me a few days after! (Thank you Elana! :D)

When i received it I immediately wanted to use it as i'd seen so many amazing pictures of nails that had been completely transformed by this oil! 

The whole idea of the three day initial hydration treatment is that on day one, you apply it to your nails/cuticles/skin then as soon as its absorbed you do it again. Each time you do this it will take longer for it to absorb, so you'll start off reapplying it every 20 minutes for example and by the end of the day you'll be reapplying it every 2-3 hours as your nails won't need all the moisture as quickly as they did first of all.

So I started that evening, throughout the first day i must have applied it about 12 times.. it was quite hard to remember to apply it every time it had soaked in.


The above picture was taken just after the first application to show how my nails were before the treatment...

As you can see from the photo below just one day of this oil REALLY makes a difference!


My nails were so much more shiny and my cuticles looked amazing, they were also less stained and more white on the tips!

On the night of day 2, I had a bath and normally my nails absorb a lot of water, they'll go really flat, flexible and translucent, they were still quite flexible after about 45 minutes in the water but it felt like they weren't going to break and i didn't have to be really careful with them like i usually have too, wrapping a towel round you after getting out the bath is just the worst with nails my length..


I'm going to be honest with you, i did have to apply polish once as I had to swatch a polish i was about to release... but i don't think it made much difference.. They were still shiny and my cuticles were probably the best they've ever been to be honest!

It was really hard to keep my nails bare for 3 whole days! I felt my nails were a lot more vulnerable without that extra layer on them keeping them that extra bit strong.

Okay so now we're on the 20th... And I've been using it roughly twice a day since the 3 day treatment, and since then i've had two nails break :(
both on my right hand and they broke a day after each other! I haven't had a break like those two for months, one literally shattered when i was opening a box, something i've done many times before the treatment and gotten through it without breaking any nails! That was on my pointer, it broke on both sides of the nail and just missed in the middle so it was still attached, the other break was when i was simply readjusting my phone in my hand and that went straight across from one side on my pinkie, i'm just glad they were both attached afterwards, i managed to teabag them! YAY!

So my conclusion is this nail oil does wonders to start with, it changes everything from how shiny your nails are to how flexible they are. But then after the treatment, things change.. i definitely won't be purchasing it again, i found it a complete let down!! I'm trying to figure out why this has happened, perhaps my nails don't need extra moisture? Perhaps that made them weak? Maybe i should have just left them the way they were, at least i didn't get any breaks then!!

Side note: my mum also used this Oil on her nails and they've started to peel from the free edge when they didn't before!

So to sum all the up in one sentence...
a complete waste of time.

And do i think it was worth the money i paid for it?
No. Thats all i have to say on that.. and no, i am not linking you to where you can get it from! Thats how much i don't want you to purchase this! I hope this review helps people to decide whether to try it or not.

Have you tried this Oil? If so what do you think of it?



FUN Lacquer - Secret Admirer


Today i'm reviewing another FUN Lacquer polish! I bought my mum this for her birthday back in February and she's been kind enough to let me use it!

And wow! Its absolutely gorgeous. Even she adores the cold state colour, when to be honest, when i actually got the bottle and had a look at it, i didn't think she would so that was a relief!

Secret Admirer in its cold state is a coral pink with gold shimmer; its a really unique colour, thats one of the reasons why i like it so much! When its in its warm state it goes to a light pink still with the gold shimmer. 

I think this could be my favourite thermal ever.... and its not even mine.. wah.

Cold State:

In transition:

Warm state: (I really tried ok. My hands were just way too cold!)

The coral pink colour was really hard to capture! The colour of the bottle below is what it actually looks like! I think its the beautiful gold shimmer in the polish that makes it photograph more orange than it is! 


Ahhh I really can't fault this polish at all! And i seriously need more FUN Lacquer thermals in my life! This applied so easy, my painting wasn't perfect but i decided not to clean up to show you how neat it still came out with no clean up... 


Is it just me or are all thermals thicker than regular polish?! I think its definitely the norm with these... one coat gave really good coverage and i think if you had shorties you could get away with just the one, but i had to do two because my nails are so damn long! Its that VNL thang, i just do not like it! Secret Admirer was really easy to control due to its consistency, the polish went exactly where i wanted it to go = non messy paint job (even for my right hand..)

Dry time before able to apply topcoat:

Just like Icy Snow i found this dried Matte.. so again i could tell when it was dry! It took about 10 minutes to dry to the point where i could apply topcoat without it pulling. Top coat honestly makes this polish pop!

Where to buy/price:

I purchased this beauty from Rainbow Connection for £9.70 (yep, full size yay!)

Do you own any FUN Lacquer polishes?! What do you think of them?!



You Beauty Discovery Box - March 2014

Evening ladies!

No polish today! Instead i'm reviewing this little beauty! I believe this is a fairly new subscription box as i've only just heard about it...

and after having a good look on their website i discovered it came about in September last year! 

How the box looks:

You beauty discovery box

You beauty discovery boxAll of the products comfortably sit in this cute, very well made, little box which sits on one hand quite comfortably (Yes.. i did 'Aww' when I took off the packaging!)

You beauty discovery box

How it works:

"YOU Beauty Discovery is the all new beauty club that allows you to discover, trial and shop the latest prestige, niche and quality beauty products. By ‘trying before buying’, members can make informed decisions about products which really do make a difference and discover which are worth investing in."
A You Beauty Discovery box is a little bit like a Birchbox or a Glossybox, you can cancel at any time and it costs £6.95, thats postage included too! However, whats different about this box is that after you've paid you get to choose two products for your box, both full size and sample sizes are offered but all the sizes are displayed so you can do a bit of googling first to see how much of each product you would be getting. I had a look at the options and some of the products included were from John Frieda, Body Shop, Rimmel London & Dr Lipp... I like this feature because i knew that i would definitely like at least one thing in the box! You don't get that immediate certainty with Birchbox/Glossybox as its always pot luck and as much as they say they go by the beauty profile you fill out, i don't always think thats true... (yep, you guessed it, i was always being sent wrinkle cream!) After you've paid for your first box, the next payment will be taken on the first of the next month and if you don't go back onto their website to choose your two products by the 25th they'll choose for you then send your box out.

Dr Lipp - Original Nipple Balm for lips.

The first product I chose was Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips. I actually had a sample of this in my Birchbox a few months back and really liked it, so I was happy to see i could get it as one of my full size products! I believe this product in full size is worth £11 so thats already worth way more than what I paid for the box! 

It says its an ultra hydrating SOS balm & long lasting moisturising lipgloss, and it really is, I love it as its really thick so its good for putting on at bedtime to let it soak in overnight, I personally wouldn't wear it as a lipgloss as the thickness makes talking a bit difficult when wearing it, it also makes it difficult to get out the tube.. but i find warming it up between my hands makes it come out easier! 

I don't think I will be buying it after this one has ran out as £11 to me is really expensive for a lip balm and its not really worth it when it doesn't make an extreme difference to my lips, don't get me wrong, it does a good job but I already have a firm favourite lip balm - Nivea Lip Butters! Mmmm.

You can purchase this Dr Lipp Lip Balm HERE.

You beauty discovery box

Crabtree & Evelyn - Rosewater ultra-moisturising hand therapy

You beauty discovery boxThe next product i chose was by Crabtree & Evelyn, this product isn't full size but you still get a good amount, its about the length of my hand. I had a look on google shopping and the full size is 100g and it retails at £14, so according to my calculations this size would be worth about £3.50. The packaging is pretty cute and the hand cream itself smells amazing! It coats the back of my hands nicely and soaks in fairly quickly and it definitely keeps them moisturised all day, the smell lasts for ages too so every now and then you get a whiff of Rosewater. If the size i received was available to purchase i would consider buying this again as its a good size for popping in your bag. Saying that though they do do a 50g tube for £9 which isn't too bad i guess... But £14 for a 100g tube is a bit out my price range!
I found it on offer HERE.

Now for the other products which were a surprise..

The Vintage Company Toe Separators

I'm sure these will come in handy in the summer when i want to paint my toe nails! I love the polka dot design too, and they're comforting to use as well. 

You beauty discovery box

Dragonfly teabags (Not pictured)

I also got some teabags by Dragonfly and a 50p off voucher, I don't like any kind of tea but I did try one packet which isn't photographed, I believe it was Spearmint, and nope, didn't like it! I also noticed there were some bits in the bottom of the cup... I can't really tell you much more about the teabags...

When i opened the box this little booklet was sat in the top, its full of information on the products you might have received in the box..

You beauty discovery box

and on the back it tells you about next months box!

You beauty discovery box

I think this box is a perfect little treat especially if you don't want to fork out £12.95 for a Birchbox/Glossybox but you would still like a subscription box once a month. You have more control over whats in this box too - no relying on other peoples judgement! 

All the products i received are worth way over what i paid for the entire box which is brilliant, I think I would actually rather buy two of these than one Birchbox/Glossybox.

The thing about this company is that i don't think they're trying to be like the other subscription boxes out there, i think they're trying to offer something more affordable and more unique. The two things that i think are missing is firstly some sort of rewards system and secondly a referral awards system. It would be great if 5 of these boxes meant the sixth box was half price or something like that and if you got 10% off your next box for referring several people.. maybe this is something they'll add in the future. (hopefully!)

To summarise..

I'm really happy with my You Beauty Discovery box and i will be getting it again next month! You can purchase yours HERE for £6.95 and it is SO worth it!

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for reading!

Let me know if you purchase a box in the comments!!